Top Fitness Coaches: Yoga, Running, HIIT, Cycling, Stretching & More!
The SweatWorking coaches are all certified trainers who are elite trainers in their workout formats. They each bring a creative, unique style!
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Our Coaches


Unique Styles

SweatWorking coaches have the freedom to create workouts in unique formats that fit you


Learn from the Best

Gain access to expert trainers in every format, from Boxing to Rowing to Cycling and beyond


Certified Experts

Every coach on the SweatWorking platform is a certified fitness professional

Coaches, Join Us!

Jeana Anderson Cohen | SweatWorking Fitness Coach: HIIT, Rowing & More
Ali Brashler: SweatWorking Fitness Coach: Yoga, Pilates Fitness Workouts
David Carson: SweatWorking Fitness Coach: Athletic Training, HIIT, Mobility Fitness Workouts
Betina Gozo: SweatWorking Fitness Coach: HIIT, Strength, Cycling Fitness Workouts
Liu Gross | SweatWorking Fitness Coach: Athletic Training, HIIT Fitness Workouts
Emily Hutchins | SweatWorking Fitness Coach: HIIT, Running, Cycling
Rae Reichlin | SweatWorking Fitness Coach: HIIT, Strength Training Workouts
Maggie Umberger: SweatWorking Fitness Coach: HIIT, Yoga, Strength Fitness Workouts
Courtney Belcastro: SweatWorking Fitness Coach: Boxing, Strength Training Workouts
Trista Greco: SweatWorking Fitness Coach: HIIT, Running, Barre Fitness Workouts